Welcome to RE:DREAMER. We are progressively building a protocol that coordinates on-chain records with off-chain, real-life assets and experience.
The revolution of businesses begins here. We will overturn the way people do commerce, empowering real-life assets and values with safe authentication, immutable validations and extremely high fluidity.
The heart of this are services based on the evolving protocols. Users go through a smooth journey of interacting with digital records to utilize their assets. Meanwhile, BaaS (Blockchain-as-a-Service) bridges the chains with all kinds of existing systems, logistics, manufacturing etc. This allows businesses to operate with existing time-proven procedures while benefitting emerging from new technologies.
Currently there are 2 main services towards general users (invite collaboration only).
Redeem:, "materializing" the NFTs Passport:, empower the NFTs with experiences
Most services are currently provided by RE:DREAMER Lab. However, we expect more will come when new allies join, and in all shapes and forms.
Last modified 1yr ago