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Levels of RE:DREAMER Lab Support

The core mission of RE:DREAMER Lab is to build the Redeem Protocol, supporting all aspects of meta-commerce. Redeem Protocol defines the standard operation of digital-physical asset management, and can be provided in the form of smart contracts or libraries.

However, we know that not all parties have the full resource or plan to complete every aspect of Redeeming NFTs. To support as much as possible, RE:DREAMER Lab provides to all parties, especially Redeem Protocol Guild members different levels of support, so that anyone can have their desired level of customization and support.

  1. Protocol Level: Interact with the protocol directly. Most developing ability needed. Highly integrated with very large potential.

  2. System Level: Interact through our core BaaS, requires certain system developing capability. Highly integrated with good flexibility.

  3. Service Level: Interact through our partner APIs and SDKs. Fast development, good integration, smooth appearance.

  4. Platform Level: Redirect the users to use the redeem sites. Immediate integration, and can launch redeemable project in seconds. Near-0 knowledge on developing.

Passport (off-chain)

DEMO: Passport (User Interface)

DEMO: Validator with Limited Count(1-time)

Redeem (on-chain)

DEMO: User Interface (top-right) + Management Interface (bottom-left)

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