Redeem Protocol Guild (RPG)

We believe the skills we have and products we are building will lead to the change of the world. However to form a stable organization that eventually provides constant values, we need members with diverse specialities and goals.

We believe the best way of doing this is not through a fully controlled centralized corporate or group. We need a more DAO-like way of running the community due to its complexity and diversity. However instead of a purely decentralized organization, we believe Progressive Multi-centralization, supported by trustworthy service providers, will be better for coordinating this revolution.

RE:DREAMER Lab will initially be responsible for many aspects. Throughout the progress, the tokens will be unlocked and distributed, allowing more entities to join and participate in ruling. Eventually, RE:DREAMER Lab will simply become a member of the community, and its privilege is based on the values it creates.

We also believe that to form a stable new interaction, tokens aimed to circulate continuously, thus has a longer lifecycle compared to mint-and-burn mechanisms, are more suitable.

On this, we designed our tokenomics, supporting Redeem Protocol Guild (RPG).

How does it work?

To strike a balance on centralize-ness, forming the ideal multi-centralized community, we designed our tokens to be in 2 main categories:

  • Fungible RPTs (Redeem Protocol Tokens)

  • Governance NFTs

These tokens with 2-layer circulation will form a delegation structure that creates the maximum benefit for the community. The issuing and managing of the tokens, along with the governing of RPG, will be determined through consensus within the obligated members. Of course, this is also authorized through Governance NFTs.

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