Governance NFTs

Governance NFTs represents both responsibilities and rights.

Rather than fungible tokens, using NFTs allow us to distinguish diverse roles.

When entitled, a member will be able to access certain privilege or services, provided either by RPG or other community members.

This entitlement can easily be verified autonomously using services provided by RE:DREAMER Lab.

Benefits and Obligations

Governance NFTs in generally may be entitled to:

  • Privileged services, either by RPG or members

  • Lower fees on member services (e.g. RE:DREAMER Lab Systems)

  • Participate in specific field of RPG consensus

And has the following obligation

  • Provide corresponding services

  • Pay annual fees (if required)

  • Participate in specific field of RPG consensus

The most vital fields of RPG consensus, including issuing new roles and determining the unlock of certain usage on RPTs, will be governed by "Architects". These NFTs will be granted to early stage investor and participants.

The details varies, and will evolve through the growth of RPG.

See "Types of Governance NFTs" for the latest designs.

How to Hold Governance NFTs?

Stake RPTs

As Governance NFTs represents role and responsibilities, it is best held by those who have proven their values, and wish to create more in certain fields. A simple way of implementing this is through staking the earned tokens (RPTs), as a promise from a member to contribute more, and collateral if they do harm with their granted privilege.

Provide Special Contribution to RPG

If you have provided special contribution to the community, especially in the early stages, RPG will reward you with corresponding Governance NFTs. One may view it has RPG stake the tokens on behalf of the contributing members, based on the recognition of the values they created.

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