RPTs and Its Utilities

RPTs represents contribution and values that the holder has invested into the guild. It has a market value and can be traded for services and possibly goods. It can also be see as a proof of value of members in the Guild.

Why RPTs ?

Pay for Service Fees

The RPTs act as a carrier of values, and will circulate within the community. Similarly to above, if you request service from other members, you can give them RPTs in exchange for the service they've provided.

Stake for Governance NFTs

See "Governance NFTs: How to Hold Governance NFTs?"

Stake to members for rewards

See below for "How to Earn RPTs?: stake RPTs to worthy members"

Pay for Annual Fees or Staking Rewards

As described previously, to prove that they are provide extra values when entitled to certain privilege, some Governance NFT holders may have to pay annual fees designated by RPG consensus. They may also have to pay for whom stake RPTs to them.

Participate in RPG universal consensus

Holding RPTs will grant voting and other rights related to general issues within RPG. Members will be able to participate in the governance of RPG with the RPTs they hold.

How to Earn RPTs?

Provide Services toward RPG members

The RPTs act as a carrier of values, and will circulate within the community. When you invest efforts and create values, people who benefit from this will have to pay to accordingly, which may be in the form of RPTs.

Though this is not forced, especially in early stage when members rely more on more general coins or tokens, it will gradually take place as the community grows.

Provide (Early) Resource to RPG

In the early stages, this includes providing certain services, participate in various development, buying through private sales, public sales, exchanges (thus fueling the community with stable coins or other currencies). Eventually the resource will be provided towards members rather than RPG, in the form of services mentioned above.

This is an example of Progressive Multi-centralization.

Stake RPTs to worthy members

For general members that does not intend to focus on particular fields, they can stake their RPTs to certain guild members. This provides the stakee to have more responsibility and influence over the community. For example they may be able to hold certain governance rights through obtaining Governance NFTs.

In exchange of their consideration and trust, the stakers receive rewards as a benefit from the decisions they've made. In early stages, this will be governed by RPG. Eventually, this will be decided between the staker and stakee. This is another example of Progressive Multi-centralization.

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